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Updated today 26th May 2022

The state of Arizona has a border with California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico 😀

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Arizona Alcohol Laws

The minimum drinking age in Arizona is 21 as well. Minors under 21 are not allowed to buy alcohol in bars or in the supermarket. Consumption and purchase are strictly prohibited for juveniles and young people. There are no exceptions and cases where they can take some alcohol. However, youngsters want to go to night parties where the entrance only after 21.

What is penalty for using of Arizona Fake ID?

Arizona state law does not allow using fake IDs to purchase alcohol or to enter nightclubs. As people who use a fake ID do it by deceiving the staff of clubs and stores. However, honestly, I guess it is not a real crime. What kind of punishment awaits you in Arizona if a policeman caught you while using fake cards to buy alcohol? There will be a fee for sure and maybe public works. The size of the penalty depends on the crime. Don’t panic, the lawyers can quickly get you out of this shit in case you meet the police while using a fake ID.