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Updated today 26th May 2022

The state of New Jersey has a border with New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania

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New Jersey Alcohol Laws

The minimum drinking age of New Jersey is 21 years old that was established back in 1984 in the National Minimum Drinking Age Act by the U.S. government. In other words, the consumption and purchase of alcohol are prohibited by law for young people under 21. They made such a strict decision due to certain circumstances, but today’s young people do not consider it as fair enough. However, several states made some allowances concerning alcohol consumption for minors. For example, New Jersey law sets some exceptions for underage youngsters that allow drinking and buying alcoholic beverages in case they are approved by their parents to do so. Besides, they also can take some alcohol for religious and medical purposes. 

What happens if you get caught with a Fake ID in New Jersey

The state law prohibits underage using Fake ID for driving, getting alcohol and entering the nightlife. However, if you are a minor who has a fake card and you don’t use it for any illegal activity – it’s okay. The penalty for using fake id cards varies and depends on the subject that you break. It can be only a fee, but sometimes it can also be hard punishment as imprisonment. But honestly, don’t be afraid of being caught coz there are a lot of lawyers to protect you in court. Their services are inexpensive, they can easily challenge any issues related to fakes.