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Updated today 26th May 2022

The state of Ohio has a border with Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana

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Ohio Laws

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act established the age of 21, as the age that legally allows young people to start consuming and purchasing alcohol. This is quite a harsh restriction for modern youth. They are also prohibited from visiting the nightlife places, as all these spots serve alcohol. So, underage guys younger 21 are not able to get into any night place on the only purpose to meet friends with no having alcohol. That is ridiculous. The government of the U.S. doesn’t care about the views of young people. Students of the state suffer much more than others since they need to take part in the student life if they want to become a part of the university community. However, they cannot afford to go to any party that takes place with alcohol.

What is penalty for using Ohio Fake IDs

Ohio state laws allow citizens to use the gift identity card (ID) or as we call them – fake identity documents. Using fake cards is considered legal if you do not commit offenses. However, there are some possible consequences in case you use fake (gift) ID for illegal activities. You can get fined if you break the law by using a counterfeit card to purchase alcohol. The penalty can be an administrative fee or even short imprisonment (in the worst case). Anyway, you don’t have to be afraid of punishment when the police took out your fake document. As you can always rely on lawyers who can protect you. Given that their work is not expensive, you can pay for their service.