Western Union Scam

Now I will tell you how not to be deceived if you still choose another store. Remember that you only need to buy fake IDs in those stores that have good reviews or your friends recommended them to you. Do not decide to buy things in the stores that have a minimum of information on the site, have bad reviews, or do not have reviews at all. Most likely, they will take money from you but will send you a defective ID or not send it at all. Also, the Internet has a popular way of fraud, and now I will tell you about it.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people affected by the actions of Internet fraudsters in the world. Cybercriminals most often live in China, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Latin America, so it is almost impossible to track down their activities and punish them later.

People often think: they can deceive anyone, but not me especially if it concerns frauds on the Internet. Even those who once got the bait of scammers are sure: now I am careful, and this will not happen again. However, the fact is that the World Wide Web is a bottomless barrel of a large number of scams. Its openness, and most importantly, legal impunity, contribute to the creation of more and more fraud methods.

The use of fictitious names, forged documents, particularities of the national legislation of the countries of their residence, legal difficulties in obtaining information from foreign banks about bank account holders to which victims of fraud transfer money, the lengthy procedure for issuing international requests for legal assistance in criminal cases often allow cybercriminals to avoid liability affairs.

Criminals are carefully developing a scheme for committing a crime, thoroughly studying the rules for making money transfers under various international systems, such as Western Union. They correspond by e-mail with the alleged victim of fraud, send fake copies of identity documents of the seller-fraud, sometimes even conduct telephone conversations.

This type of fraud is based on the fact that when withdrawing funds received via the Western Union system, it is enough to know the amount and control number of the money transfer. It does not matter in whose name the translation was sent. All the necessary information is precisely contained in the application for the removal of funds, a copy of which is requested by fraudsters.

When transferring via Western Union, money can be received in a short period – just a few minutes. Moreover, after the funds are paid, the sender can no longer get them back, even if the transaction was committed as a result of fraud.

For example, the buyer (victim) agrees to buy goods from the seller (scammer) via the Internet. In our case, this is a sale of a fake ID. The seller asks to pay for the goods by transferring money to the account of any company (as it turns out later – one-day firms) or through a money transfer system (Western Union). The promised goods will never be delivered to the buyer, and he will not receive the stolen money back.

Remember, Western Union does not deal with letters of credit, it simply transfers money, and there is this system for transfers between people who trust each other and not for payment on transactions!